Hiss Reduction


Groove Mechanic

The primary purpose of the Groove Mechanic is to dramatically improve the quality of your old vinyl LP records and cassette tapes while getting them ready to record onto a CD. While it does not actually perform the CD writing, it does allow you

DART XP PRO  v.1.1.6p

This audio recording, restoration and CD burning program offers the capability to record from any audio source. You can also clean existing audio files using FFT and AR DeNoise and DeHiss algorithms.


DART XP PRO 1.1.6p  v.1.0

An affordable audio recording, restoration, and CD burning solution that offers the easiest way to achieve professional results. Use DART XP Pro to record from any audio source,

Free Red-eye Reduction Tool  v.2.0.0

With this Free Red-eye Reduction Tool you can remove a common "red-eye" effect from your digital photos with very simple steps.

Zilch Standard - Debt Reduction  v.4.0

Debt Reduction - Zilch Standard is capable of becoming the best friend you ever had, one who has the best solution to the worst problem.

PST Size Reduction  v.2.2

PCVITA Split Magic Software is best tool which contains many advance features like it widely used for PST file reduction with loss single data from existing file.

Optimal Jpeg Reduction Module  v.1 1

Optimal Jpeg Reduction Module is a handy software that will allow you to reduce the size of JPEG pictures. The compression ratio is very high reducing the size considerably with the option of resizing the picture by the user's preferences.

Debt Reduction Calculator  v.1.2.4

Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt, Student Loans, and other Consumer Loans. Download a free credit card Debt Reduction Calculator and Debt Snowball Payment Schedule worksheet for Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice.org.

Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction  v.2.0 Beta 8.4

Data mining made easy. The objective of Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction is to make available an open-source version of our Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MDR) software.

GIRAFFE Data Reduction  v.1.13.1

GIRAFFE Base Line Data Reduction Software is a set of python scripts and modulesand a C library to reduce FITS images produced by the Very Large Telescope (VLT)FLAMES instrument.

Debt Reduction Manager  v.1.0

Debt Reduction Manager is app to create a plan that calculates monthly debt repayment for quick debt elimination.

Debt Reduction - Zilch Standard  v.4.0

How to get out of debt today starting from scratch. Very powerful. Easy to use. Just fill in the blanks and push a button. This tool takes into account all of the details surrounding your debts, interest rates, current payments, outstanding balances,

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